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I am relatively new to building websites using dreamweaver.  I notice a site
uses "panels", i.e., they have graphics broken up into various section that
come together to make the entire site.  This is an exampleof the code:

  <td rowspan="5"><img name="welcome_r2_c1" src="wlcome/welcome_r2_c1.jpg"
width="153" height="320" border="0"></td>
    <td rowspan="4"><a href="bio.htm" onMouseOut="MM_nbGroup('out');"
 ><img name="welcome_r2_c2" src="wlcome/welcome_r2_c2.jpg" width="79"
height="10" border="0"></a></td>
   <td rowspan="5"><img name="welcome_r2_c3" src="wlcome/welcome_r2_c3.jpg"
width="22" height="320" border="0"></td>
    <td rowspan="2"><a href="services.htm" onMouseOut="MM_nbGroup('out');"

How is this done?  do they create a graphic outlay of the site then cut it
up using some type of software?

Very curious...


Rob Bresnik
Mobile PC Techs

Re: panels

Fleeing from the madness of the SBC jungle
and said:

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Doesn't really matter how they do it - keep it filed under curiosities and  
back away slowly.

If you have an image to display then display it as such.

William Tasso

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