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Anyone have any information on ?  My site has been down
since this morning, and while I could access the site
then, I can't even get to it now.  Email sent to support with no
response, and no answer on the phone.

Someone here must host with them.  Just wondering.



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Your Site Down
Their site down
Emailed Support & got no response
Called support and got no answer
Time to move

Karl Groves

Re: Page-Zone Status?

Fleeing from the madness of the jungle
and said:

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How do you do?

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route fails to from here.

William Tasso

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I posted something here on Oct 23 that may still be relevant.

Re: Page-Zone Status?

Scott Bryce wrote:
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Ok, now I'm scared.  There's something there that says "ask"


Re: Page-Zone Status?

page-zone and the forum are back - but status page is not

Re: Page-Zone Status? wrote:
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You're right, it does appear that the website is down,
but I have a ton of websites hosted by page-zone, and they are all up.
They are all on the same server though.  I'll probably start working on
a backup now just incase.

Take care, and please post an update when your sites are back up.


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oj? as in simpson?
did you off p-z and jim too?

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They've been effed up for almost two weeks now. Several of my sites
hosted with them have become unavailable for periods of 24 hours or

I was able to post to their forums this morning, but shortly after that
the forums disappeared, though the main page remained. I've made
several attempts to phone PZ in the past week, but all I ever get is
endless ringing.

Right now, attempting to go to the site takes me to a
place holder for "", whatever the heck that is! The billing
and tech contacts for askfsbo are 1&1.

The 'official' word is/was that Jim at PZ was buying his own servers
and moving domains to them, but he apparently doesn't have a clue how
to actually do it. Technical incompetence is bad enough, of course, but
his lack of communications with his customers - I never got a warning
about the impending crap-out and he's doing a piss poor job of keeping
people informed what's going on - is pretty much the last straw.

As soon as I find a service that offers a reseller account (10-20
domains is all I need) with cPanel, WHM and MySQL, for under $30 a
month or so, and has even a moderately good reputation, I'm moving.

Re: Page-Zone Status?

Eric Schreiber wrote:

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That's too bad.  I've been plenty satisfied til now.  I don't really
have a backup of my sql stuff.


Re: Page-Zone Status? wrote:
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no wonder you're scared.
now, your scarred.

you leave your valuables laying around your yard too?
leave your door unlocked at night?

Re: Page-Zone Status?

Schreiber" <eric at ericschreiber dot com> says...
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There are many alternatives.  For under $30 shared hosting, I came
across Dreamhost and Hostgator, both are getting great reviews.

Personally, I'm leaving P-Z today and going with either Servint or
PowerVPS (still deciding, but staying with P-Z is no longer an option).  
I want a VPS solution so I have complete control.

Re: Page-Zone Status? says...
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This has been going on for over 3 weeks.  Don't bother with support
tickets, I have 4 out there from 11/7, 11/13, 11/15 and 11/16. All are
marked critical, none have been answered.  I called several times,
nobody answers.  Do yourself a favor, don't complain here, move to a new
host like I am doing today.  P-Z is clearly not the solution.

Hey Jim - answer the support tickets - bad news is better than no news.  
P-Z has posted talk of new servers, yet not once have I seen any
apology.  The words "I'm sorry" would have kept me as a customer a
little while longer while you work this out.

Re: Page-Zone Status? wrote:
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I moved my websites from Page-Zone due to excessive downtime, decision
on 1 November 2006 and now everything is done. It does feel kind of
funny, like breaking up with a girlfriend, but one gets over that funny
feeling quick.

It's not really all Page-Zone's fault, BTW, because they are being hit
with malicious attacks and don't know how to defend against them.

I moved my numerous domains to and
which offer lower prices and unlimited domains. So far, so good.

If you don't have experience moving, let me just say, First, set up the
new account, Second, upload the files to the new account. Be sure to
establish new mailboxes in your new account. Third, redirect the DNS
settings to the new account, and wait a couple of days. Just because
your ISP has the new DNS doesn't mean everybody else's does. Fourth,
shut down the site at Page-Zone.


Re: Page-Zone Status?

TomAlciere wrote:
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and the cycle continues

Re: Page-Zone Status? says...
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And fifth, get a prorated refund for the unused hosting portion - that's
what I'll be doing as soon as my transfer is completed next week.  It
really bothers me that P-Z had plenty of time to process my annual
payment in early November when they should have been fixing the

I share your feelings about leaving.  I have been with P-Z for over 4
years.  Things have been fine for the past 5 days, but I can't afford to
lose a sixth customer because of their negligence.

Jim, I know you frequent this forum, so I hope you take this comment as
constructive criticism - even when things are bad, always communicate
with your customers on a regular basis so they know that you are working
towards a solution.  My support tickets submitted over two weeks ago
received a response yesterday.  Too little, too late to keep me as a

This comment from one of your TWO posts during the FOUR WEEKS of issues
also drove me to a commpetitor:

"For anyone thinking of canceling. Don't come to the forum threatening
to cancel, just do it. It will be less work for everyone if you do it
before we move the site. But I've seen some of the places people have
gone, and I pity them for their decision. We're way better than some of
those places. Just not right this second."

That was really a piss-poor way of phrasing it.  An apology for all the
downtime would have been a better way to end that post.  When I read
that in your forum last week, I made my decision that I would no longer
conduct business with you.

Re: Page-Zone Status?

I had asked about page-zone and mooseisloose, which are either down or
were down for way too long recently.

Thank you all for the input.

Here's the ones I've rounded up fwiw - I have posted this on 2 threads
in this group just to be a prick, not really, just cause I spent half
an hour and maybe it'll save someone else a half an hour.  I've not
used any of these except Dayana, which I never had a problem with
(unlike page-zone).  I have no connection to any of these.

First bunch can meet the requirements of $25/domain/year for 'n'
domains, they offer blog tools, and enough space to actually store some
$79, 1-n domains, 1 free domain, WordPress/b2Evo, 30 gb space
$94 for 1 year commitment, 1-n domains, Easyapps installer, 5 gb space

This bunch do not meet the above criteria:
$25/year, 1 domain, Fantastico (but no mySQL, which is needed for
b2evo, at this price point), 120 mb space
$4.99/year, 1 domain, no apps, 100 mb space
$15/year, 1 domain, blogs/cms, 10 mb space !
$39/year, 1 domain, no blog tools, 2 gb space

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