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yes it does indeed. yours might be better, yours might look better, yours
is probably 100% tabless layout, but i've finally got to the point where
every stupid, repetitive and mundane answer to customer questions gets
answered with a URL. i mean, we've got this thing down to a science. the
pre-production rap, the legal rap, the "i told you so" rap,the change
request forms, the worksheets, its_all_right_there.

now watch. for bragging i'm going to get sued, nobody will deliver content
ever again, the checks will all bounce and the talent will all go to work
for the competition. my dog will bite me, my girl will dump me and i'll
break out in midlife acne vulgaris.

weeds will consume my tomatoes, the hens will stop laying and the cow will
give sour milk. it will forever rain on my side of the street and people,
both adults and children, will avoid me. only the cat will remain, and her
only to poop on my carpet and put the finishing touches on ruining the

all for posting to AWW.

me and my big mouth.

Re: our information website rocks

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doncha just love that feeling - enjoy it while it lasts :)

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best sales tool i know

William Tasso

Save the drama
for your Mama.

Re: our information website rocks

On Fri, 16 Dec 2005, trevor wrote:

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And after all that, your "big mouth" neglected to give the URL for
your website.  Perhaps it isn't such a big mouth after all.    :)

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Re: our information website rocks

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You are Krustov AICMFP

Now get a plug for your site into Sugar Ape magazine.

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