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Allis said:
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I can't speak for other men, but I have several maps in my car plus a
compass on the dashboard. I also use Yahoo maps to get directions
before I go somewhere new.

Now women on the other hand, have a lot of difficulty with compass
bearings like north, south, east, west.

But here's my pet peeve: why are women so frigging passive? Like they
can't ask for something directly. They have to drop hints or try to
figure out some really clever, subtle way to get their message across.
Then they get all frustrated and mad when people do stuff they don't
like, and they still don't say anything. If you ask them what's wrong,
they say "nothing." What a bunch of idiots women are. It's like they're
thinking, "Oh my god! If I actually say what I think, lightning will
strike me dead!"

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 wizzzer@hotmail.com wrote:

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I have personal experience concerning some of your assertions, but I
won't answer in an international forum. alt.philosophy.yin-yang is over
there ------>
Or at least it ought to be.


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wizzzer@hotmail.com wrote:
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Do you know my wife? :-)

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How many men does it take to change a lightbulb?

    They are not aware the light is burnt out in the first place.

How many women does it take to change a lightbulb?

    They'd rather sit in the dark and complain about it.

I believe most of us fall somewhere in the "We'd rather complain about
changing the lightbulb" category.

They did a study some years ago, placing toddlers in a caged area and
observed reactions. (Wish I knew who conducted the study.)

The boys tended to try and find a way out on their own, resorting to
kicking the walls before seeking outside help.

The girls were more apt to seek outside help right away.

I've noticed this type of thing when my car breaks down. I might know whats
wrong, and it might be a simple solution but I'd need a little help. (battery
died, just need a push or someone to pop the clutch)

Women will seek outside help right away, scream at you for having a broken car
and generally increase an already stressful situation. Try and explain the
process of popping a clutch, they get angry and take it out on you. You end
up trying to push the car AND pop the clutch yourself just to keep them
out of your hair.

Being "more social" I kind of think they have a need to express frustration. I
don't know how women deal with other women in that situation, but being yelled
at while you're under the car tying up a muffler with traffic going by isn't
much fun.

Which probably explains the flack men recieve for not asking directions and
all these "solo hero" John Wayne / Terminator / Clint Eastwood movies. (also
these truck commercials where the macho guy with the bigger truck helps some
wimpy looking guy in an "inferior" vehicle, probably a vehicle like mine!)

The "solo cowboy" has other problems, like fixing the wrong problems and
appearing "cold". When it comes to talking with potential clients, trying
to comprehend their requirements, I wish I were a woman. They seem to be
better at understanding what people are talking about.

There appears to be a genetic disposition in women to rely on a group while in
men, this type of thing is percieved as a weakness. Hence, men might very well
keep driving rather than ask directions, women might stop and ask for
directions before they consult a map. (Some women I know don't even keep a map
in their car) If you believe in evolution, you can see this makes perfect sense,
neither approach is really "wrong".

Being "more social" in their habits (I've seen this in work places too) I think
women have mastered the social nuances of a given situation. Nothing wrong
with that, I guess. but it inferiorates the hell out of anyone with a Y

Well, those are my observations. Most people fall in the middle of the
extremes, for the most part, men and women have more in common than
differences. Hope I haven't insulted either gender, I'm just an observer.

To bring this around to being "somewhat" on topic.. the social / anti-social
nature of women and men might explain why there are more men in the computer

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nospam@geniegate.com wrote:

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How many men does it take to screw in a light bulb?
Three - one to screw in the bulb and two to listen to him brag
about the screwing part.


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;^) only two?


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depends whether it's a worthy tale - or not <g>

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Not all women are alike - neither are all men for that matter.

When we go for a drive its my wife that looks after the map reading and
navigation, while I drive. I'm just as good as her at map reading, or
perhaps its the other way round - she is just as good at map reading as me.
I think its been proved that at "spatial skills" (which include things like
map reading) men generally out perform women. Equally there are things that
women are generally better at than men.

Women are different to men - something I'm glad of. They do take more
understanding, but its worth the effort.
Brian Cryer

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On Sun, 18 Sep 2005 08:15:15 GMT, "Brian Cryer"

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Same for (at least some) men  ;-)

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