OT: VPN from a Win 7 computer to my Win XP3 Apache Server

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    I've googled beaucoup today, and viewed many confusing sites (that
mostly confuesd me)


    After looking at many *VPS* solutions, I have given up , and am now
considering a *VPN* solution to my problem  -- somehow leaving my Dell
Apache Server machine in the north at my son's house, and then VPNing into
the server to do my 'dirty work' several times a day for long periods.

    In the end, what I weant to do is take a Win7 (or Win 8) Pro machine
(probably a laptop) down to Arizona next winter, and then log on to my Dell
Apache Server at my son's home in the north, and transfer files and do many
things (including shutting dow trhe Apache Server), re-booting the server,
etc, etc

    So, can I use Win 7/8 to log in as a VPN client to my Win XP Pro (sp3)
Dell machine in the north, and then do my 'fiddling' with the Apache Server
software, my own C-based software, my databases, etc, etc

    If so, I would appreciate suggestions as to how to start this effort ---  
or a better newsgroup to ask this OT question.

    Thank you !

Mel Smith

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