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... and what a week it was.

Live-8 last weekend already seems a lifetime away.  The winning of the  
2k12 Olymic contract has faded already (and will probably resurface in  
about 6 years) and the buses and tubes are well on their way to resuming  
normal service.

Aside:  The kids are already 'bored' (is how they express it) with the  
pics of broken buses and trains.  Yes they understand about the terrible  
loss of life and injury, but they don't understand why this particular  
event should take up so much airtime when there are similar events  
reported almost every day (from other parts of the world) that receive no  
more than the briefest of mentions.

Another thought occured to me whilst thinking about these bombs.  If the  
purpose is to disrupt London then hiting the transport system is surely a  
futile tactic where the transport system is (thankfully) a chaotic mixture  
of independent resources.  Traffic re-routes around the problem, people  
re-route around the problem - yes, I have read Gridlock (Ben Elton) and it  
is funny, but the (false) assumption is that there is an organised system  
that can be disrupted.  Stopping a city that has evolved (rather than one  
which was designed) is like trying to catch jelly (jello) in your hands -  
it just isn't going to happen.

It wouldn't be too hard to take out Tesco or Walmart (if one were to put  
one's mind to the task), but a nation of (independent) shopkeepers cannot  
be brow beaten by sporadic terrorism.  To break an organisation, one  
requires an organisation to break.

To bring this vaguely back on topic, I posted a short while ago about the  
stupidity of allowing just a few carriers to monopolise the backbone of  
the internet resulting in a system vulnerable with many possible single  
points of failure.  I'd like to see the topology altered at the POPs to  
bring the internet back to its roots as a resiliant network with no single  
point of failure.

A well placed bomb on the central reservation of the M1 (highway linking  
North/South Britain) taking out the fibre links would cause far more  
disruption and probably take longer to reroute than hitting a few trains.

William Tasso

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Re: OT: TW3 (London)

Once upon a time, far far away "William Tasso"

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A properly phrased coded message sent to Asda HQ claiming tampering in
the bread mixture would have an equally terrifying result. Only one
group of people have a reputation for being so bungling as these
bombers - and that's our secret service.


Re: OT: TW3 (London)

William Tasso wrote:
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You're right. Knock out linx in London and most of the network is
screwed for UK traffic. Thankfully are a couple of other pipes out of
the country.


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