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I often pop down to London to be in TV studio audiences, and I'm on the
mailing lists of a few companies who organise the tickets.....
I've just had an email from one of them offering me tickets to a brand new
game show.....It sounds like a right laugh....

<quote email>
Tough Decisions is the new Channel 4 comedy quiz show where you really don't
have to know very much at all. Presented by Phoenix Nights and Max and
Paddy's Road to Nowhere star Patrick McGuinness, it'll be answering such
Tough Decisions as, would you rather be killed by Monkeys or killed by
Killer Bees?

 It's a show where your experiences of talking complete rubbish with your
mates are more important than an expensive education; Where it's better to
be part of the consensus rather than stand out of the crowd; and where
people are free to state unbelievably litigious 'truths' about celebrities,
without fear of the lawyers.

 Tough Decision is a high energy comedy show, where Paddy will whip the
audience and contestants into a storm of passionate debate about utterly
pointless and irrelevant topics which will end with one lucky contestant
walking away with a bundle of cash and a pile of useless questions answered
</quote email>

Re: OT: TV Shows

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Sounds like a remake of the Harriet Miers Supreme Court nomination.

Ed Jay (remove M to respond by email)

Re: TV Shows

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Sounds to me like tv USENET.


Re: OT: TV Shows

Using a pointed stick and pebbles, Fat Sam scraped:

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It sounds ridiculous. So have you booked your tickets yet? :)

Dylan Parry
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Re: OT: TV Shows

Dylan Parry wrote:
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Sadly no...It's a one off thing, filmed on a night when I'll be in
Liverpool, so I'll miss it.....Oh well....

Re: OT: TV Shows

On Fri, 21 Oct 2005 19:34:44 GMT, "Fat Sam"

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PBS has finally sunk to such levels of dumbed depravity that the Sun
newspaper now looks like an intellectual read.

Factory (shelf-filling) fodder anyone?


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Sorry, no time - far too busy flipping burgers (you want fries with that?)

you love it!

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