[OT] things people say ....

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... but don't really mean.

We all know the top three I think ...
o Cheque's in the post
o Of course I love you
o [censored for family viewing]

<q>Consumers say they are willing to pay extra for computers that contain  
chemicals, research shows.</q>  src=  

Comment: yeah, right.  Show me someone who will willingly part with an  
extra 100 (~20%), if offered a choice of otherwise identical products.

I'm all for a decrease in waste and a generally 'greener'[1] approach to  
life but people vote with their wallets.

[1] Actually, I hate the way this colour has been hi-jacked.
William Tasso


Re: [OT] things people say ....


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It's like taking a history exam in school ... sometimes you give the
"correct" answer even when you know better :)

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