OT: TCP ports 6880-6890 ?

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I'm trying to get a grip on BitTorrent.

One of the assertions I've come across is that "You MUST open TCP ports
6880-6890 to achieve any reasonable speeds."

Can somebody explain the significance/risk exposure/housekeeping involved in

Re: OT: TCP ports 6880-6890 ?

i think it's the same as any other port


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Re: OT: TCP ports 6880-6890 ?

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BitTorrent is a peer-to-peer protocol. Thus your peer needs to be able to
contact their peer and/or vice versa. If both of you are blocked by a
firewall, you cannot contact each other.

Thus if you are blocking incoming 6880-6890/tcp, you cannot contact any
other peers that are also blocking those ports -- you've narrowed down the
number of peers you can communicate with -- thus you've potentially slowed
your download speed.

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As with any other ports you have open, you are at risk to any security
problems in the program or programs that listen on those ports.

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