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 Just curious how many smileys can OE interpret in grapichs?

I have the following registred by now:

:-) Your basic smiley. This smiley is used to inflect a sarcastic or
joking statement since we can't hear voice inflection over e-mail.
;-) Winky smiley. User just made a flirtatious and/or sarcastic
remark. More of a "don't hit me for what I just said" smiley.
:-( ;-( Frowning smiley. User did not like that last statement or is upset
or depressed about something.
8-) User is wearing sunglasses.
:-@ User is screaming.
:-? User smokes a pipe.
:-D User is laughing (at you!)
8-o It's Mr. Bill! big eyes scared
:-P nyahhhh!
ROTFL! Rolling and laughing

If you know more please tell me

Best regards
Johnny Winther Ronnenberg

Re: [OT] Smiley

Johnny Winther Ronnenberg wrote:

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None afaik. OE-Quotefix can though.
Quoted text here. Click to load it

There are 15 different smileys, but some respond to more than one set
of characters.

This is the list Quotefix gives in 'emoticons.ini':

:-(*)    vomit.gif
;-(*)    vomit.gif
:)))    smile.gif
:))    smile.gif
:)    smile.gif
:-)))    smile.gif
:-))    smile.gif
:-)    smile.gif
*g*    smile.gif
*G*    smile.gif
<g>    smile.gif
:(((    frown.gif
:((    frown.gif
:(    frown.gif
:-(((    frown.gif
:-((    frown.gif
:-(    frown.gif
:-p    tongue.gif
:-P    tongue.gif
:-r    tongue.gif
;)))    wink.gif
;))    wink.gif
;)    wink.gif
;-)))    wink.gif
;-))    wink.gif
;-)    wink.gif
8-o    eek.gif
8-O    eek.gif
;(    cry.gif
;-(    cry.gif
:D    biggrin.gif
:-D    biggrin.gif
*vbg*    biggrin.gif
<vbg>    biggrin.gif
:-||    angry.gif
:-II    angry.gif
:-@    angry.gif
%-(    confused.gif
oo-    confused.gif
:-?    confused.gif
8-)    cool.gif
]-I    cool.gif
lol    lol.gif
LOL    lol.gif
rofl    rofl.gif
ROFL    rofl.gif
rotfl    rofl.gif
ROTFL    rofl.gif
<eg>    evil.gif
*eg*    evil.gif
:o)    clown.gif
;o)    clown.gif


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Re: [OT] Smiley

Els wrote:
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Sorry I thought it where OE which did the graphical reprensentation,  But
most of what you shoved me where basic smilies but I am probably not using
the latest OE-quotefix

But thank you for enlightning me.

Best regards
Johnny Winther Ronnenberg
Det er brugeren der bestemmer ;-)

Re: [OT] Smiley

On 09 Jan 2006 Johnny Winther Ronnenberg wrote in alt.www.webmaster

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