OT: Servers, Many Discs vs Few?

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Some time ago, I moved from Windows Home Server to a ReadyNAS
because the NAS box offered the prospect of zero down time
if/when a disc failed.

But, with either solution, it takes quite a long time to fully
recover from a one or two-TB disc being replaced - although the
NAS box stays up and running during that time.

Right now, I'm running six 2-TB drives in the NAS box and a
hodge-podge of drives in the old WHS/backup box.

It's got me thinking that - despite the availability of bigger
and bigger hard drives - maybe a better solution
fault-tolerance-wise is a box with many smaller drives.  e.g. a
bunch of 500 or even 250 TB drives.

Downsides would seem tb higher electric consumption and a higher
probability of any one drive failing.

Upside would seem tb faster recovery from a failed disc (and
therefore less exposure to the array getting hosed by a second or
third failure during recovery)

Does this sound reasonable?

Re: OT: Servers, Many Discs vs Few?

On 6/16/2011 5:08 PM, (PeteCresswell) wrote:
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I think it's a tossup.

The question is - how often do you get a failure?  I've had a network
storage with 2 1-TB drives for a couple of years now with zero failures.

It has crashed a couple of times due to power outages causing a
not-so-graceful shutdown, but recovers completely within 30-45 minutes
or so (yes, it's on a UPS but they don't last 5 days).

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Re: Servers, Many Discs vs Few?

(PeteCresswell) wrote:
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As you add more drives the probablility of two concurrent drive failures

Raid 6 can survive two concurrent disk failures but is still limited by
the usual Raid drawbacks.

A Drobo can survive two concurrent disk failures, and it is also easily
expandable by adding more storage, and performance is not hampered
during a single drive failure.


Re: Servers, Many Discs vs Few?

Per Red E. Kilowatt:
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Bingo!.... that's the deal breaker, then.


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