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Just wondering what search engines you guys are using? And for what

I have found that I am always using google for everything.  Surely
there are different ones for different specialty topics?? eg. medical,
sporting, scientific, people, etc

I'd like to get to know a few others, and perhaps find alternatives to
the result sets that google give me.

I know yahoo and msn search, but are there really others out there that
use different methods of spidering for different topics?


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Re: [OT] Search engines

On Mon, 11 Apr 2005, Disco Octopus wrote:

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My ISP has a page listing a number of search engines:

I used to use AltaVista almost all of the time because their Advanced
Search was so powerful.  Yahoo! has taken it over and broken it
severely[1] so I now use Google most of the time.

[1] Binary searches[2] and link searches[3] are two things they broke.
[2] An expression such as
       a AND b AND c AND ( d OR e ) AND NOT f
    will now bring up a ton of links with a and b but neither c nor d
    nor e and frequently with f even though I tried to exclude it.
[3] link:string used to find any URL with string in it but now only
    recognises URLs that are *exactly* string.  I can no longer use
       link:www.chebucto.na.ca/~af380 AND NOT url:www.chebucto.ns.ca
    to find all links to my pages.  I have to specify each page or file
    in a separate search,
    and the AND NOT part usually fails to exclude anything.  With more
    than a hundred files, that's a lot of searches I need to make to find
    all (known to AltaVista) links to my site.
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Re: [OT] Search engines

Disco Octopus wrote:

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http://johnbokma.com/mexit/2005/01/07/">http://johnbokma.com/mexit/2005/01/07/ :-D.

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Re: [OT] Search engines

Disco Octopus discooctopus@yahoo.com wrote in
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Not like there used to be. Some years ago you could use Infoseek for
researching academic sites, Lycos to get the most popular sites, Northern
Light to get news items and stuff from periodicals, and Altavista to get
to obscure sites. Then all the search engines decided they'd aim to be one
size fits all as if there were a consistent and identical perfect SERP for
any given phrase. Personally I've delighted in watching the dumb sods
struggling as they all try to become Google Lite.

Northern Light still exists but is subscription only.

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Re: [OT] Search engines

On Mon, 11 Apr 2005 05:46:22 GMT, "Disco Octopus"

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www.teoma.com ranks sites more by peer group appreciation.

www.ask.com can be asked real questions, as can www.brainboost.com/

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Re: [OT] Search engines

Disco Octopus wrote:
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I use google for everything as well, but my partner always uses Yahoo!,
despite me trying to convince her otherwise :) I tend to search from
Firefox's search bar, which is defaulted to Google UK.

Re: [OT] Search engines

Disco Octopus wrote

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Google for everything.

Charles Sweeney

Re: [OT] Search engines

On 10 Apr 2005 Disco Octopus wrote in alt.www.webmaster

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Re: [OT] Search engines

>Just wondering what search engines you guys are using? And for what

I find myself using google too much, I try to use teoma but always seem to forget
it's available.

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