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Re: OT: Really-Small Case?

|Anybody found a really, *really* small case that they're happy with?
|I'd like to assemble a minimalist 'puter for somebody to use mainly for email.
|Definitely want at least two slots and at least one 5.5" exposed bay (in
|addition to whatever supports the system drive...).
|Also, anybody know the proper name for the MB I'm looking for?   Mini-ATX?

I'm going to guess you're interested in an SFF computer.  Like these


Micro-ATX is a mobo that is 9.6"x9.6"  Which of course requires a larger case.

Then there are the mini-itx mobos, which can take up the space approximating
that of the Mac Mini.

http://www.mini-itx.com /

http://www.dangpow.com/~stumprok /
http://thedings.servebeer.com /

Re: OT: Really-Small Case?

Per Lester L.:
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That one's got me going..... I especially liked the one where the guy built it
within a set of dummy books.   Gonna look into how realistic it is to build
something with no fans at all.... only the hum of a hard drive...

In "Wi-Fi Guide - 2nd Edition", Jeff Duntemann makes reference to people
building up mini-atx machines in old ammo boxes.

Re: OT: Really-Small Case?

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hrmm - replace that with a solid state disk perhaps?

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well - unless you're running on the edge of the heat disipation specs a  
case is just a box with some convenient holes in it.   oooo-er missus -  
sounds somewhat familiar.

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