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Today I decided to reinstall Windows Server 2003, as I said I would in a
post not so long back. It's taken me less than 2 hours to totally
reinstall the OS, get it configured and download all the service
packs/updates, *and* install a Usenet client!

The secret is obviously to plan ahead and make sure that you get all of
the necessary network drivers, installation CDs and everything else you
could possibly need before you even take the Windows CD out of its

A minor problem occurred when I went to import my backed-up emails into
Thunderbird - by minor I mean I realised I hadn't backed them up :( but
fortunately the incremental backups done by the office server had caught
my laptop just yesterday and I managed to get them from that :D

The only thing left to do now is run the security configuration wizardy
thing that comes with SP1 and hope I get it right this time...

Dylan Parry
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Re: Quickest reinstall in the history of Dylan

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Yes, it can be a breeze when you have all the drivers. A nightmare when you
don't - I reinstalled 2003 on one of my test boxes recently but didn't
(initially) have the right driver for the raid controller and the net result
was windows failing to see any disks. Ugh.

How are you getting on with the iispassword utility you found a couple of
weeks back? The one that implemented directory permissions on IIS similar to
the .htaccess Apache method. Still happy to recommend it now that you've
been using it for a while?

Brian Cryer

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