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I came across a little perl script for generating password hash table and
I'm passing it along.

Save this to a file like gen-passwd.pl

#!/usr/bin/env perl
use String::Random;
$pass = new String::Random;
   printf("%c-%s\t",($i+65),$pass->randpattern("..") );
   printf("%c-%s\t",($i+66),$pass->randpattern("..") );
   printf("%c-%s\n",($i+67),$pass->randpattern("..") );

It produces a table like this:
A-%l    B-#O    C-yj
D-C:    E-d0    F-#!
G-u#    H-yO    I-sC
J-1N    K-c{    L-Uf
M-SL    N-xU    O-_A
P-K+    Q-aB    R-)d
S-4k    T-Io    U-[f
V-&>    W-J$    X-(A
Y-Ka    Z-9w    [-42

So to use it, you for example an ebay login would be: d0#O%lKa
e=d0 b=#O a=%l y=Ka

If you want a longer password the change "randpattern("..")" to
randpattern("...") and you'll get 3 codes per letter in your passwords.

If you want to change passwords every month then rerun gen-passwd.pl for a
new hash code list.

So you could tell someone your password for ebay is ebay but without your
personal code table it would do them no good.

You can laminate it for your wallet.

Just don't loose it or you SOL ;-)


Tayo'y Mga Pinoy

Re: OT: passwords - Well maybe OT

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must've been a Monday thing - I had to read that 3 times to work out what  
you were saying.

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indeed - perhaps a tattoo?

William Tasso

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Re: OT: passwords - Well maybe OT

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You must of had trouble understanding my accent :)

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Yes, that would work but if you needed to update it.......

Tayo'y Mga Pinoy

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