OT: Matt's battle with the council

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Hi folks,

Remember a while back when Matt asked us to voice our opinions to
Southampton Council regarding selling a school's land to private
developers? Well it would appear that those who complained are invited
to a public meeting...

--- Email ---
Dear Mr Parry

Land at Harefield Infant and Junior Schools, Yeovil Chase

Thank you for your recent email regarding the proposed disposal of
playing field land at Harefield Infant and Junior Schools, Yeovil Chase.
I can confirm that your written comments in relation to this matter will
be considered by the Council and submitted to the Secretary of State in
order to inform his/her decision as part of the CouncilĘs submission.

I would like to invite you to a Public Open Meeting that will be held on
Monday 10 July at 7pm, at Harefield Infant School.  At this meeting
officers of the City Council will provide details of: the proposed area
of land for disposal; the proposed use of the land; and plans for the
conversion and extension of the infant school buildings to form a new
primary school.  This will be an opportunity for you to discuss any
issues that you may have, although you will have an opportunity to make
representation at the planning stage, should you wish to do so.
---- End ----

To be honest, this entire email looks like the brush off. "We'll take
your opinions into consideration, but we're still going to sell the land
and do ... with it." :\

I hope that lots of people turn up, Matt, and that your manage to
pressure them into getting a clue! If I lived anywhere near Southampton
I would come along myself, but with it being a 550 mile round trip, I
doubt I could :(

Good luck...

Dylan Parry

Re: OT: Matt's battle with the council

Dylan Parry wrote

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Hmmm.  I didn't get one.  Maybe they didn't invite me after what I said to
them!  Nothing nasty, just told them they were a disgrace.

Charles Sweeney

Re: OT: Matt's battle with the council

Charles Sweeney wrote:

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I didn't say anything much nicer either! Sort of implied that it was
people like them that cause the country and in particular the education
system to be in the mess it is today.

Dylan Parry
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Re: OT: Matt's battle with the council

Dylan Parry wrote:

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i got the same letter back and i tried to be near-ingratiating in tone. hope
it helped, best of luck Matt.

Re: OT: Matt's battle with the council

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Thank you.

It shant help. The decision has been made, the "consultation" is
simply a legal requirement to make it look as though the people's
views have been sought.

Education in the UK is in the process of being privatised, along with
the health service, post office and BBC. Unfortunately with increased
indoctrination the days of student protestors (thinkers) are all but
gone here now, and in their place we have factory fodder. Still, where
would Tescos et al be without a ready supply of shelf stackers? I cant
see intellectuals or graduates willing to stack shelves, and there
just aren't enough East European immigrants at the moment.


Veritas Vincti

Re: OT: Matt's battle with the council

On Tue, 27 Jun 2006 09:53:17 +0100, Dylan Parry

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It is a complete load of bollocks.

We had a consultation over redevelopment, as you may know, this area I
live in is within the 10% most deprived in the UK, and as such is
earmarked for special government funding for education, health and the
like (yeah sic, innit?)

We had a consultation at which we the residents were asked what our
concerns were, what we wanted the money spent upon and so on.

Our views were completely ignored!

Wht a surprise!

On a positive note, we have a radical and loony scheme about to be
launched by the council, the brainchild of a certain "Matt Probert".
Can't give further details yet, not until the official press release
goes out, but we are hoping that the BBC will cover it as it really is
unique and if it takes off will be adopted country-wide.

I'll bore you silly with more about it in the future!


Veritas Vincti

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