OT: Looking For eMail Host For Vanity Domain Name

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Only "Must" that I can think of is a recipient gold list.

i.e. If the domain is xyz.com, and the gold list contains
"Manny", "Moe" and "Jack"; the only emails I ever see will be
addressed to Manny@xyz.com, Moe@xyz.com, and Jack@xyz.com.

Nice-To-Haves would be
- Forwarding List: I put X@Y.Com and Sam@AOL.com the list, all
  incoming mail gets copied to those addresses too.

- Sender GoldList: If I put Joe@aol.com on the sender GoldList,
  anything he sends to xyz.com will get through - whether it's on
  the recipient gold list or not),

- Personal web page at www.xyz.com - no matter how small

I can live without the Nice-To-Haves.   Recipient GoldList is the
only feature that's a "Must".

In fact, fewer features seem to me tb more desirable.   I suspect
the provider I'm using now has, on occasion, gotten caught in
their own web of features - which sometimes interacted with each
other to cause problems for the user.

Anybody got a provider that they're happy with and hasn't gone
down for, say, the past three years.

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