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I know it's not web design but I've found in the past that frequenters of
this group know lots of things about lots of things. </flattery>

Coming from an entirely Windoes background, I'm starting to get familiar
with LAMP, or at least the first half of it. I'm trying to get a programme
up and running called BigBlueButton - it's an open source communications
application targeted at educational institutions to facilitate chat rooms,
webinars and so on.

I've run their auto installation for Ubuntu 9.04 which installs Tomcat,
Nginx, Asterisk, MySQL, Red5 and a few other bits and pieces. Everything is
looking fine locally, I can get into the site with no problem. What I'm
struggling with is getting in over the web.

I'm using my own home server whilst I'm developing this and I use a dynamic
DNS service to cope with possible changes in my IP address. When I log in
over the web using the actual IP address i.e. http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx , no
problem, I get straight to the application's home page. If, however, I use
http://mydnsaddress I get a response direct from my router asking me for a
user name and password. http://mydnsaddress:8080 works fine, by the way,
taking me to the TomCat default page as does http://mydnsaddress:5080 which
takes me to the Red5 default page.

Any pointers on what I need to do here? The aplication's home page is stored
at var/www/bigbluebutton/index.html and I suspect I need to do something to
tell Apache/TomCat that that applies to http://mydnsaddress but I can't
quite figure out how to do that.

Re: OT - LAMP Newbie

EX_OWM wrote:
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It looks like your router has a web server on port 80.  You need to
change that to a different port and forward port 80 to your pc.

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Re: OT - LAMP Newbie

Jerry Stuckle wrote:

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You were right, thanks.

I had set NAT on my router to forward everything to the pc but it doesn't
seem to work properly; everything is fine when I set up HTTP and the other
ports individually.

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