[OT] Killer New FF Extension

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I just discovered a killer new (January, IIRC) extension for FF that
works with Adblock Plus.

You're not limited to images and Flash, now...this one lets you block
by element.  Text, a bunch of images...whatever's in there never gets to
your screen.  And this is accomplished by clicking a cursor cross-hairs
on the element you want to block, the hover having highlighted it and
shown you its description.  Kill a whole div?  Sure!  :)

As a test, I played around with the IMDB pages.  I don't use any of the
clicky stuff at the top, and I don't need the Amazon ad towards the
upper right corner.  (You may; I only offer this as an example.)

Go look at an IMDB movie page.



That only took about four point-and-shoot actions.

Source:  https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/4364 /

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