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Below is a post from the Houston PHP group.  I thought posting it here
for those interested is appropriate.  I apologize if it is not:

Hello Everyone!

I hope you don’t mind me reaching out to you this way. I  could really
use your help with this, My name is Tara Santana, and I’m a Technical
Search Executive in Houston, TX. I’m working with a great company that
is looking for a Sr. PHP/MySQL  Developer with about 6 months
experience   in Drupal, and I’m having a hard time finding candidates
that fit this description.

Looking for the kind of job you actually enjoy waking up for everyday?
This company can grant you that wish! Welcome to a team who embraces a
family-like work environment where you’ll like coming to work. Here
you’ll find a good balance between being an integral team member and
being a dynamic individual.

This permanent role is for a someone with extensive PHP/MYSQL experience
with some Drupal Knowledge  in a LAMP stack environment would be huge
plus. You’ll be joining a team to develop and enhance the company’s
website, and any social networking skills will be valuable.

You must have:

5+ yrs, PHP, MySQL, (backend)

Drupal (6 months more)

This is an amazing opportunity to get in with a great company! Who do
you know that might be interested in this position?

If this isn’t for you, I’d truly appreciate it if you passed it along to
someone who you think might be interested!

Thanks so much for your time! Have a great week!
Tara Santana



P 832-487-0080

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