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comments@probertencyclopaedia.com (Matt Probert) wrote in

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those terrorists get everywhere.

But seriously, is it not plainly obvious the similarities between

'reds under the bed' (1950s McCarthy witch hunt in America for Commies)

and this new modern version of it, re terrorists

It is all based around playing upon peoples fears and ultimately
controlling them.

There have always been plenty of terrorists in the world.  They are not
suddenly a new phenonomon. Why don't our leaders go after the REAL
terrorists (eg Bin laden) and stop wasting resources in pretending that an
oul 82 year old man trying to re-enter the Labour party conference building
poses a terror threat....or austin mitchell taking pics at the conference
is a terror threat, or someone taking pics of the M3 is a threat...or a
scottish lass walking along a canal is a similar threat, etc, etc.

Our leaders need to stop deceiving the people.  Our leaders are the ones
who are taking away our freedoms and way of life.

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Shooting suspects on site


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Re: OT - goose stepping tutorial

Matt Probert wrote

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I should be ashamed of myself for forgeting that.

Charles Sweeney

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