OT: Google Chrome Taking Over PC?

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I just used Process Explorer to kill at least 20 instances of
Chrome.exe and the PC, which had gotten *really* slow sped up as
if by magic.   There were quite a few Chrome windows open and
most of them had multiple tabs open.

Now I've just opened a single Chrome window with just one tab
open and Process Explorer shows six instances of "chrome.exe"
under a parent "chrome.exe".

Each one has it's own PID, a unique number of Private Bytes and a
unique Working Set size.

Is the multiple instances for a single window/tab thing normal
behavior for Chrome?

How about the slowing down with multiple windows open?  I mean
*really* slow as in 3j0-45 seconds to even open something like an
email program (which usually opens in less than 1 second) or a


Re: OT: Google Chrome Taking Over PC?

On Mon, 08 Nov 2010 16:36:49 -0500, (PeteCresswell) put finger to keyboard
and typed:

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This is the downside of one of Chrome's good features - the fact that if
one window or tab crashes, it doesn't take the rest down with it. But, of
course, for that to work, every tab has to run independently of all the
others. So yes, Chrome can be quite a resource hog if you have a lot of
tabs or windows open.

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I've not seen that, no. One open window containing one open tab equals two
processes - one overall parent, and one child for the actual GUI. If you
have three windows each containing four tabs, then that would be a total of
13 processes - one parent and 12 children. But you shouldn't be getting six
processes from just one single-tab window.

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I suspect you may have issues that aren't directly related to Chrome.

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Re: OT: Google Chrome Taking Over PC?

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Plus another process for every add-on you have installed, and another
for every plugin that might be running. So if you had three add-ons
installed, and the site you're visiting has Flash on it, that's another
four processes, so a single window with one tab would then show six
processes altogether.

Dylan Parry

Re: OT: Google Chrome Taking Over PC?

Per Dylan Parry:
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Can anybody add to Mark's suspicion that I've got issues other
than Chrome - with the stipulation that the performance problem
goes away as soon as Chome is killed?

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