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Re: OT: Good email client?

> It imported the emails and accounts but didn't get my filters etc.

Are you just talking about the automated install when you first run it,
or did you try importing them manually (Tools>Import...)? I don't know
whether it does import filter rules or not - haven't ever gone straight
from OE to TB.

Mark Parnell

Re: OT: Good email client?

On Thu, 20 Jan 2005 08:36:22 +1100, Mark Parnell

>> Outlook Express is really getting annoying. I have a lot of email accounts I
>> want it to check
>> by default every so often and it does check some of them but not all.
>> I like Outlook's interface/layout etc. so hopefully I can find something
>> similar in look/style
>> that will actually do what I want it to do...
>I really like Thunderbird - have been using it for a few months now. Was
>using Mozilla Mail before that, and Outlook before that. :-)

Heidi, TheBat will be your friend => http://www.ritlabs.com peace, Kev

Re: Opera

> Outlook Express is really getting annoying.

I have used Outlook Express, Mozilla, Thunderbird and Opera.

I would definately suggest Opera if you have many messages to deal with.
IMHO it's the most powerfull and most feature-rich.
You'll have to get used with filters, it looks like Gmail's labels.

Using Opera's revolutionary e-mail client: http://www.opera.com/mail /

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