[OT?] foil-hat update & RFCs

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to start, i'd like to deeply thank everybody for making foil-hat the
enormous success it is. in commercial terms, we've sold about 5 foil hats,
and as advertised, these came tastefully packaged with instructions for
proper usage. proof delivered. so i forgot about the whole project for the
most part. too busy to play all the sudden.

but get this: i put the thing up on free Doteasy hosting and i get this

"We would like to inform you that your website foil-hat.com is estimated
to exceed your monthly traffic allowance quota of 1GB based on your
current usage projection. Your account traffic usage statistics may be
viewed in Member Zone."

i'm like WHAT????

so that's RFC number one in this post: WHAT????

ok, i'll admit, i put it on on Adwords PPC for a week or so just to see what
the response would be....and frankly, the impressions and click-throughs
outdid several of my real jobs...all i can say is i should ask for the
group's input more often...it HAS to be the twinkly star background, right?

so that's RFC 2 for this post: right?

i put, oh, about 20 ads on rotation. in reverse order, the top five were:

Resistance is not futile
Fighting to save the human race
one brain at a time.

that one did OK. a good performer was:

Tin Foil Hats
If they don't want to wear it
tell them that's why they have to.

this one did pretty good:

Quality Foil Hats
You could make one but
ours are better. Alien tested & approved.

but the absolute winner was:

Tin Foil Hats.
If you don't want one,
they don't want you to have one.

notice how the best winners are "flow-through" ads, IOW the lines create a
complete sentence? notice how i spend characters for syntax? none of the
non-flow-through ads made top 5, in almost complete reversal from my
"commercial" ads.

another footnote was having identified the search term "tin
foil beanie" and optimizing for same, only to find that i'd stepped on some
other person's marketing strategy. his name is L. he owns the "protective
foil beanie" space. apologies were sent and that aspect of the experiment
was concluded forthwith. just shows to go you, i always say any good idea
has already been exploited by someone smarter than me.

but that was last month. what the H-E-double-hockey-sticks is all this
traffic coming from and more importantly, WHY? not like the free Doteasy
thing has reporting and no, it's not PHP-enabled. i guess that was a
rhetorical question. but OTOH, any answers appreciated.

OK, so that's RFC 3 for this post: what the H-E-double-hockey-sticks? 1GB?
from what? OK, some of the images are heavy, but do they mean to tell us
that lots of people visit this site? yes, i said us, this one was a team
effort. don't deny it unless you gave no input.

beyond that, we built it, and they are coming. i think the next step is to
get Jacob Nielsen to come and invent reasons why.

Re: [OT?] foil-hat update & RFCs

trevor wrote:
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I suspect the couple of mentions I've made of foil-hat.com on digg
haven't hurt :)

Congrats on the good news. But I don't think you're telling us the whole
story ;)

"The most convoluted explanation that fits all the available and made-up
facts is the most likely to be believed by conspiracy theorists"

Re: [OT?] foil-hat update & RFCs

Tony wrote:

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oh cool, thanks. that explains a bit.

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and i never will ;)

Re: [OT?] foil-hat update & RFCs

Fool! Do you not realize that Alien Forces are bombarding Foil-Hat.com in an
effort to drive you out of the galaxy and open the way for them to expand
their domination of the universe, not to mention Brooklyn? It is a Direct
from Outer Space (DOS) attack!
Yes, they implanted a Control Chip in me, but that was so long ago that it
was an 8088, running CP/M, and I have been wearing a home-made tinfoil
jockstrap to evade their Upgrade Rays. So I am temporarily free to pass
along this warning, but must top-post to do so before they catch me.
Wait, what is that bright light outside my window? That torturous sound I
cannot block out of my ears, bombarding me with Donnie & Marie songs? They
are back! I must esca ....

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Re: [OT?] foil-hat update & RFCs


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Good stuff, Alex.


Re: [OT?] foil-hat update & RFCs

Red E. Kilowatt wrote:

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yup, this is the kind of stuff i get in the emails.

Re: [OT?] foil-hat update & RFCs

trevor wrote:
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It must be;(

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Yep, is that not always the case?.

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Interesting that you should say that Trevor.
Have a read of:
That might explain it.
Regards Chad. http://freewebdesign.cjb.cc

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