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I would like to know if there is a firefox plugin for having
"shortcuts" in bookmarks. For example, let's say that I often visit
www.myfavoriteshop.com (made up example). I would like to define "mfs"
as a shortcut to www.myfavoriteshop.com, so when I type "mfs" in my
Firefox address bar, it would direct me to www.myfavoriteshop.com.

Is there an extension that does that?

By the way, I am using delicious to share bookmarks across computers.



Re: OT -- firefox bookmark naming

Ignoramus1582 wrote:

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No, that domain belongs to someone else. Currently selling:
"Zyroxin (120 Caps) - Next Generation Weight Loss Pill!"

Please use www.example.com/ or .net/ or .org/ when showing .. well ..
examples. They are reserved for the purpose. Thanks.

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Re: OT -- firefox bookmark naming


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I haven't seen one and I can't imagine that there ever would be an
extension like that. I should think most people would see no real
difference between clicking on the address bar and typing anything in vs
clicking on Bookmarks and then clicking on a particular bookmark.

I keep my favorite bookmarks at the top of the list by using numbers or
letters and then a space as a prefix to the name.


Re: OT -- firefox bookmark naming

Ignoramus1582 wrote:

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Why build an extension for a feature that's already built-in to Firefox?
(And indeed most browsers!)

Go to Manage Bookmarks, find the bookmark you want, click "Properties",
now fill in your shortcut word as the keyword ("nickname" in Opera). Go
back to the browser, and type the keyword into the address bar. Magic.

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