[OT] Filtering 'Mail Delivery System'

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There is no public forum for postmasters, but I am assuming that all
Webmasters are in some sense also postmasters.

I have recently set up server-side filters that should move all messages
from 'Mail Delivery System' or 'Mail Delivery Subsystem' to a separate
account, just to avoid a mess. I otherwise get many such incoming messages
(I have boxtrappers set up so by nature they respond to spammers with fake

I have tried several types of filters to make this rule work and I even
tested them, but no matter what I do, all error messages end up in the
catch-all account or the account from which the message was sent. Is it
impossible to filter messages from mail daemons? Why should they behave
differently from normals E-mail messages?

Thanks in advance,


Roy S. Schestowitz

Re: [OT] Filtering 'Mail Delivery System'

Roy Schestowitz wrote:

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No reply received, but I have just found out the reason for this issue.
Error messages are not addressed to the originating domain, but to the
account on the host instead. Filters have no control over that.


Re: [OT] Filtering 'Mail Delivery System'

Roy Schestowitz wrote

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Very observant.

Charles Sweeney

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