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hey, I got this letter from my friends friend, what do you think of that ?

Dear Alan,

My name Victor Repinov, I'm vice president of Rita Wholesale Group, Inc.

We are wholesale company and we sale all our stock to small stores and for
export, we do not sale retail. We are in business since 2001 and keep
growing. You could be part of our team and cover retail sales and help us to
find new whole sale customers.

We would like to offer you to sale our merchandise thru the internet auction
EBay. My partner Vadim Voloshin explain you over the phone main idea of this
opportunity and below you'll find more details

  1.. We'd like you to set up and post on EBay auction following items:

Graphic calculator TI 89, Graphic calculator TI 84, Network card Linksys
wpc54gx, Electric saver Braun 8595, Electric saver Braun 8585.

Items above you will sale for next six month; we'll give you more listings
after 1-2 month (training period).

  2.. Starting price on all our auctions will be $9.99 and all auctions
always run for 7 days.
Also you should never start new listing before previous one ended. (When
customer click on link see seller's other items he couldn't see two same
items ending on different date)

That's the only requirements from us, everything else yours own decision (
"buyitnow","paypal", bidders with 0 feedbacks, how many pictures, what kind
of payments you will accept etc.)

3. Before auction ends, you probably receive several e-mails with questions
about buy it now price.

Our prices to sell directly (off the auction) to the customer as following:

Graphic calculator TI 89 - $105

Graphic calculator TI 84 - $80

Network card Linksys wpc54gx - $45

Electric saver Braun 8595 - $125

Electric saver Braun 8585 - $90

This is whole sale price and we can not go any lower regardless of quantity.

It is unlikely but possible that some auctions will end below these prices.

We will ship lucky winner this item but if he or other watchers ask for the
price lower than prices mentioned above we can not sale it.

4. Our shipping price is $ 9.00 incl shipping and handling (shipping doesn't
mean only postage).

Insurance is optional $5.00

This is FLAT rate prices regardless of weight or value. We ship by UPS and
USPS (Ground and Priority)

On your request, our shipping dept. provides you with tracking or delivery
confirmation number.

We do ship overnight for actual price (see www.ups.com or www.usps.com )
plus $5.-handling fee. Shipping from 11214

For orders over $1000 we allow customers to pick up their items in person in
NY.Only for well established customers we do C.O.D..No exceptions.

5. Once auction is ended (or you sold item of eBay) you arrange payment
details with customer.

When you received payment (Your bank confirm that funds on your acct.
cleared), you send us customer address, brief item description (example:
CALCULATOR TI 89) and shipping method (Ground, Express) by fax or e-mail to
our shipping dept.

We'll send out item within 24 hours after received address from you.

IMPORTANT: Once you send us address of your customer we consider that you
received money and sending merchandise ASAP.

Never give your customer direct phone,e-mail of our shipping dept..You
should call them for tracking # and then revile to your customer.

We ship only in US.

5. For each item posted on your eBay account we'll pay you $20 per week. For
first month or two when you'll run only 5 auctions you'll salary we'll be $
100 per week.

However for everything sold directly (off eBay) you'll received 10%


This week you run 5 auctions plus off eBay you sold two TI-89 and one Braun

1st calculator you sold for $120 + $9 shipping

2nd calculator you sold for $135 + 9 shipping

Shaver you sold for $ 130 + $20 overnight shipping

This week salary: $100 listings + $12+$13.5+$13 = $138.50

Every week you should send us e-mail with total number of items sold,
including total price of each item, eBay fee, item #.

When you accumulate $1000 on your account you should make us wire transfer
or direct deposit (depend with what bank you do banking)

IMPORTANT: Please deduct your salary and eBay fees first.

6. All our merchandise brand new comes in factory sealed retail boxes with
US warranty thru the manufacture.

If you have any questions please e- mails us. If you agree and ready to
start, please e-mail me back with your full name address and phone number.

Thank you

Victor Repinov ,

 Rita Wholesale Group, Inc

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Re: ebay

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Send the Header info to http://www.interpol.int


Re: OT: ebay

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There's Nigerians in Russia now? At least they're getting creative. Gave
me laugh, thanks.

Mark Parnell

Re: OT: ebay

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So they want YOU to sell things on Ebay that THEY will ship the customer?
And then when you collect $1000 then you should pay them?

Im guessing that at some point in all of this there will be a request of
trust for your bank acct info. Or there will be an advance in a money order
which overpays you.

It just sounds too easy for you to rip them off, which means they are
probably suckering you into something

Gandalf  Parker

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