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Has anybody seen these keyboards?.....
http://www.artlebedev.com/portfolio/optimus /

Re: OT: but wow!!!!

Pondering the eternal question of "Hobnobs or Rich Tea?", Swampy
Bogtrotter finally proclaimed:

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Yeah, seen that page many times and I would love to have one of those if
they really do get made some day! I remember seeing the page a long time
back, and nothing has progressed in terms of production, so I'm not
convinced that they will ever be made :\

Dylan Parry
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Re: OT: but wow!!!!

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The folks who really care about keyboards are, understandably, those who use
them a lot, and typically these are touch typists. Their concern is to a
great extent what the keyboard FEELS like, and relatively little about what
it LOOKS like. After all, they are typing while looking at their screen, at
reference material, etc., not at the keyboard.
Also, good keyboards usually have slightly cupped key surfaces; these
mini-screens appear to be flat on top, which is not a  particularly
comfortable design for heavy typing. (That, of course, could be changed as
it moves toward production.)


Re: OT: but wow!!!!

Swampy Bogtrotter wrote:

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I quite like the idea of a virtual keyboard
(http://www.aria.co.uk/ProductInfoComm.asp?ID=21543 )

I'd like to see one working though before I'd be tempted to cough up for it.

Brian Wakem
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Re: OT: but wow!!!!

__/ [ Brian Wakem ] on Sunday 26 March 2006 17:36 \__

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Only one concern springs to mind: assuming inability to type totally blind,
this needs some dim lighting. Dim lighting with eyes on the bright monitor
is damaging to one's eyesight.

Also see the following gadget:


Best wishes,


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Re: OT: but wow!!!!

Brian Wakem wrote:

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It seems to be missing a date stamp. The date being April 1st perhaps?

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