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Hi, I have OSCommerce 2.2-MS2 running on my hosting company's Windows
server. I already have a few products added to my store. I need to
know how to do the following:

1. Sell downloaded song files - how does this work in OSCommerce? In
MIVA, when a user purchases a downloadable product, after checkout, he
receives an email with the link to download the file from the server.
Does it work the same way in OSCommerce? If a user had trouble
downloading their purchase, is there a way for the seller to reload
that particular download for the purchaser to try again? If so, how?

2. Coupons - I looked everywhere in the OSCommerce config pages to set
up coupon codes, but didnt find any. Are coupon support a separate
module that I need to get from a 3rd party? I want the coupon code to
enable specific discounts on certain products or on all products for
certain periods of time.

3. Downloadable song trial listening - How to do that in OSCommerce? I
see that being done on a site that is OSCommerce powered, so there got
to be a way. Here is that site:
http://www.indigotunes.com/product_info.php?products_id=32 .
Did they put in a flash content as part of that product page to be
able to play back all the songs?

4. Is there a way to disable customer registration when checking out?
Customers may not always want to register themselves to purchase


Re: OSCommerce question

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try: http://forums.oscommerce.com /

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Re: OSCommerce question

dchou4u@gmail.com wrote:
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I don't know about item #3, but I believe Zen Cart (a more current
outgrowth of osCommerce) will handle the rest out-of-the-box. Zen Cart
is also Open Source, and it is actively being developed.

David Hennessy
http://maidix.com /

Re: OSCommerce question

dchou4u@gmail.com wrote:
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1) reconsider hosting companies
2) OSCMax is the best of all OSCommerce derivatives
  http://www.oscmax.com /
[Disclaimer: I am just a happy user and active community member]
3) All of the features/options you asked about are already built into OSCMax
  [Disclaimer: I do sell an oscmax based solution with hosting, I will
not include my company information for that reason in this post. Please
see the oscmax website to see what the base product will do for you.
There are a number of places that will install and run the base product,
and based on your stated needs, the base would serve you just fine so
you don't need someone like me to upsell you something you really don't

Please note that I am a forum contributor to the OSCommerce and OSCMax
sites and am also a contribution author.

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