Organizing my WWW folder...

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I'm looking for help here or suggestions for elsewhere regarding setting
the WWW folder.

I want to have multiple pages and need to know the best way to set up
the  alloted WWW folder so that all the various pages aren't all tossed
into the same spot!

It should be obvious that I'm new at this! (grin)

I want to have several pages, one page being a welcome/main/index page
and then have a page for links, a page for down loadable doc.s, a page
for etc.. I also figure to be reworking these pages, by probably adding
future info/links/pics, etc.

It seems that if you place everything in the same WWW folder it can get
quite confusing if you want to, say, replace a picture and you have many
pictures in the same folder, that is to say, without some sort of
extensive file naming system to help keep things sorted.

If I add foders inside the WWW folder, can/should the folder names be
used as part of the url, as when I have a link from one page to another.

I know this probably all sounds simple minded but I am just getting into
this for fun and want to set it up good from the git go.

Also, could you give me some examples of addressing starting with the
index.html to another page link?

The actual web address for my index page is, /, would I simply add no to this to jump
from one page to another, for example I have a second page called,
Downloads, would proper form be,
" /" or would it be,
" /"?



Re: Organizing my WWW folder...

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This might help get you in the right direction -

Karl Groves

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