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Long time!

In my new job, we have a problem when downloading csv files from a
service provider of our.

We log into their web site, submit a date we want the csv file for and
we are presented with the resulting csv file opened up in MS Excel.  We
have two problem...

1. We do not get prompted with "Do you want to Open or Save this file?"
2. When it does open in Excel, the columns are not being split up. IE,
every line resides in the first column.

If I do this from my home PC, I do get prompted to "Open or Save?", and
when I Open the file, it does open correctly in Excel in multiple
columns as excepted.

Something I noticed was that at work (where it doesnt work correctly) I
notice the name of the file (on the window title of Excel) is the full
url of the resource " ", where at
home (where it does work correclty) I notice the name of the file in
Excel is "my-correct-report-name.csv".

It certainly appears that it is something on our end, and not the web
site.  It looks like my browser (IE6 - and there is no way that I can
install a different browser here) is recognising that the file is
"text/csv", as it does open it in Excel, but it seems that Excel spits
chips because it looks at the file name "..... default.cfm" instead of
the "my-correct-report-name.csv".

Note that we can not right-click-save-target-as because we are
submitting the date to crete and download the file.

Does anyone know how I can either get the download to prompt for "Open
or Save?", or have Excel open the file correclty as expected.

Thanks very much

Re: Open files from Internet - Behaviour

On Thursday 23 November 2006 22:22, Disco Octopus []

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Use Excel to split the data into columns.
I believe it's under the menu "Data" -> "Text To Columns" - it works in a
similar way to the import facility when opening a CSV file.

Select the first column then choose Text To Columns from the Data pull-down
menu. Choose a suitable delimiter (probably char(34) or " ) and change the
format of each imported column to text which will make Excel show the data
exactly as it is.

Re: Open files from Internet - Behaviour

PDannyD wrote:
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Yes. Thanks. I know how I can work around this.  The users have been
working around this for some time, and I really wanted to know if i can
get it working as expected so we didn't have to do this.


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