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Re: only use the www

Pondering the eternal question of "Hobnobs or Rich Tea?", Charles
Sweeney finally proclaimed:

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I do a similar thing, but using .htaccess instead:

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond % ^www\.electricfreedom\.org
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ /$1 [R=301,L]

In addition to a whole bunch of other redirects I have set up to
internally translate requests like "/artist/example" (with and without a
trailing slash) to "/artist.php?id=example"

Dylan Parry -- Where the Music Progressively Rocks!

Re: only use the www

Charles Sweeney wrote:

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...probably do something that is case insesitive maybe.

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I would probably sooner do this type of thing using rewrite rules in my
.htaccess file.  Just seems the more /proper/ place for this type of thing.
like Dylan suggests.

Although, I am now at odds with myself deciding on whether to keep or ditch
the www.

The reasons for doing this are clear to me, but deciding on which way to go
is now the headache.

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Re: only use the www

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I'd say "best practice" is to limit to and just shut
off any web server on, (so that you can't access a web
server there)


I get annoyed at sites that require a .www, it's a hassle and I seldom
use it.

I guess the reason one should always use a www (or other subdomain, I kind of
like http myself) is that, imagine a time in the future when some new tech
takes over, making HTTP as antiquated as gopher. Then we might regret not
using (routers and load balancers and all that jazz probably
make this not such a huge concern, really.. but we're talking "best practices"

In the meanwhile, I'd rather make it easy for people to find me, so
I frequently just use

One thing I've read about, seems like an incredible hack to me though.. is
using: to deal with browser cookie
issues. (what I read made it sound like some sort of advanced super-guru
thing to do.. but.. seems to me like just a good way of making a mess)

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