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I need some help with setting up a small online store on a webpage I'm
working on. I'm using Frontpage 2003 to do the build and have got several
webforms working sending data to me on emails without a problem.

Basically we have a few items that we want to offer for sale. I need each
item to have a unit price, people be able to enter in a quantity and the
final payment amount appear in a box. As well as the usual purchaser data I
need to amount paid to be sent as part of the email.

Looking through the internet it seems that there are loads of companies
offering such a service but at a cost. Does anyone know if there is a free
software package out there that can help me, or alternatively is the
functionality already there in frontpage ?

Just to add I am not an expert in these things... The webaddress is If you goto the shop link you'll get a general idea
of what I mean.

Thanks in advance for any help.


Re: Online Store says...
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There are many alternatives. Did you try Google?

Check with your web hosting comnpany.  Many offer free built-in scripts
such as phpmycart, agoracart, etc.  Even if they don't offer it, there
are many listed on Google.

Re: Online Store

Stuart Adair wrote

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Paypal have a shopping cart you can use. have an "off the
shelf" package.

Neither are free, but the small charge is very reasonable as a sales

Incidentally, there are a number of issues with your site that people
will respond to without your asking!  Me for one.  The splash page with
"enter here" is almost invariably a waste of a click.  The hit counter
doesn't achieve anything aside from being a distraction, and for many,
looks "amatuerish".

Your order form was all over the place in Opera.  It was far from clear
what your links were, or what they meant.  Might be my browser again,
but I found them very hard to read.  The home link was difficult to hit
(didn't know it was the yellow dot initially).  It would be a good idea
to make your domain-name-logo, or your picture, link to home, this is
something that is becoming a convention.  I like the logo, although
personally I don't use the "www" as it is largely superfluous these
days.  I wouldn't use images for the links because they take longer to
download and are not immediately obvious as links.  They might not be
obvious in a text browser or a browser with images turned off.

The "Gallery" link gave me a blank box.  I'm guessing that the picture
of an animated keyboard meant that a tune was playing, I couldn't hear
it, which is usually a blessing.  Nothing against your music, but music
on a website is generally intrusive so not recommended.  The scroll
across the top is distracting.

You should put meaningful titles on your pages.  This helps to give
bookmarks names, windows names, and gives nice titles for search engine
listings.  I suspect from your post that the "under construction" notice
is temporary.  Generally these are not a good idea.  People don't really
want to know that you are not quite finished yet.

The colour scheme is quite harsh for my taste.

Charles Sweeney

Re: Online Store

Stuart Adair wrote

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My pleasure.  Good luck.

Charles Sweeney

Re: Online Store

H Stu,

Lose the top page. It took a while to load, and then it made me click to
enter the main site. A bit annoying.
My suggestion for a shopping system is . I have used this
for many years, and it been a great system.

Hope this helps.
Good luck with your site.


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