Online Shopping, couple of tricks

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I rarely shop at supermarkets for all sorts of reasons, mainly because I hate
pushing a basket around a wharehouse full of cretins, and then there's the
fellow customers who always just get in your way.

So anyway, register with Tesco, Sainsbury, Waitrose, et al (not Asda because
their food is vile!). Don't buy anything for about six or eight weeks, and
eventually they'll send you a nice email saying:

Dear EM Forester,

It’s been a while since you registered with us, but there's never been a better
time to place your first order.

We’re now offering you £10 off your first online grocery shop. Simply use the
e-voucher below and claim your discount. Once you’ve booked your delivery,
you’ll see all the same special offers as you would instore.

So that's 3 bottles of Merlot  from Sainsburys for nowt, and I think I may also
buy some spinach and aberdeen angus, and have a big arsed dinner tomorrow :)

CS2 and fillet steak.... heaven!

Re: Online Shopping, couple of tricks

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great idea.

only problem is what do I eat for the 6 to 8 weeks before they send me
their offer?  ;)

And Fluffy would have something to say as well (like she does on most

Re: Online Shopping, couple of tricks

Saint Firk wrote

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Take your 303 with you?

Charles Sweeney

Re: Online Shopping, couple of tricks

Charles Sweeney wrote:
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I'm not that bad <g>

It is not so much that I don't like people or crows, I'm quite an extroverted
person, it is more of a case of... Well, to put it bluntly, I can't people
milling around aimlessly, like farm yard animals.

It is as though when more than ten people are put into a work place environment
or supermarket; they're labotomised. They turn into cattle.

  "I'll just stand here staring at a pack of pasta, oblivious to the fact that
my fat arse, and shopping trolley is blocking half the aisle. I also smell of
moth balls, mint bullets, and piss, so you really don't want to squeeze past."

I propose that supermarket client groups should be split into three groups:

1) Single parents with armfuls of screaming children and shopping
2) Old dears with all the time in the world, (and yours) to waste.
3) Bachelors trying not to look like batchelors (reading the back of beauty

Im stressed at hte moment, can you tell :)

liquidcat dot net
       / \

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