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This post tells a recent negative experience with Easyspace, my current
domain registrar.  I hope the information here will help others to
assess the services offered by the company.

I have my domain registered at Easyspace and it came with a catch-all
email address.  There is a 2MB quota.  I usually download my email (and
remove it from their server) using POP3.  Due to a lengthy relocation
process and an overseas trip my email fetching agent was disabled for
an extended period of time.  My quota filled up, and newer mail got
rejected.  I have no problem with that, since it was caused by my

However, Easyspace also deleted my email account completely, as I
realized once I was attempting to fetch the emails again.  They say,
that they dropped email accounts which were determined to be unused.
They did not send a warning message prior to this or an informational
message after the fact.  Here is the last email I sent to customer
service detailing what my problem is:

I think you misunderstood my problem.  So I will attempt to rephrase it
point by point.

1.  I had an email account (at least) until 06/24/2005.  When did this
cease to exist?  It was not there on 10/15/2005.

2.  What was the reason this account ceased to exist?

3.  What happened to the 2MB space I had on my account (and had paid
Did you have a hardware problem that interfeered with your service?

4.  Did you send any warning or informational notices to my account
email address about actions you have taken regarding this account?

5.  Did you send any emails about any event disrupting this service
that was
out of your control?

Thank you for your attention.

They responded as follows:
Hi Matyas,

Thank you again for contacting Easyspace Support.

In order to enhance the performance of our email services, Easyspace
mailboxes that were identified as being unused or had not been accessed
in any
way for more than 30 days. Although mailboxes were deleted, customers
re-create them again through the ServiceCentre as the mailbox quota
the same.

Your mailbox ######@######.com has been deleted on 08/24/05

Should you have any further problems, please feel free to contact us.

Best Regards,

Pop Sompalasin
Technical Support Engineer
Easyspace Support

My experience was NOT enhanced by their actions cited above.  It was
(is) a significant inconvenience.  I will not be able to recover the
lost emails, because they do not backup the email space due to privacy

They did not repond to my questions.  They did not apologize.  I
decided not to email them again about this, assuming that it would be
of no use.  The last response they sent (ignoring my questions) is
equivalent to someone talking to you without looking in your eyes.


Re: On Easyspace (domain registrar)


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Didn't read the entire post.  Easyspace were one of the first Registrars I
used.  I recently had a negative experience with them (arrogant "customer
service") so I don't register new names with them any longer.

I would move the few names I have left with them, but the extorting
bastards want 50 a piece to transfer the names away.

I now use GoDaddy who value the customer.

Charles Sweeney

Re: On Easyspace (domain registrar)

Charles Sweeney said the following on 27/10/2005 11:04:
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Ask them to justify the transfer charge.

After a lengthy debate, during which I called them a lot of names, and
indicated that I would complain to their local trading standards office,
the DTI and anybody else I could think of, I eventually managed to move
a domain from Easyspace without being charged.


  John Robin Devany

Re: On Easyspace (domain registrar)

Robin wrote

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Thanks for the info Robin.  It's not a pressing issue for me just now.

Charles Sweeney

Re: On Easyspace (domain registrar)

Yep, this is on the easyspace website:

If you have decided that you wish to transfer away, please ensure that
you have all the information you require to hand and that you have
followed your new Hosts instructions regarding domain transfers before
proceeding past this stage.

If you are ready to transfer your domain away from us please select a
domain and simply click "Proceed" which will take you to the secure
online payment area. Please note that all domain transfers away incur
an administration fee of49.00 ex VAT.
So I am in for the fight.

Presently I am trying to have easyspace unlock my domain.  Their
customer service informed me that I can do that over the web.  However,
my account appears to be in the unlock state already (at least that is
what the webpage tells me), however that is not what it tells the new

Re: On Easyspace (domain registrar)

On 8 Nov 2005 23:21:59 -0800, rad_google@sustik.com put finger to
keyboard and typed:
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What is the domain?

http://www.GoogleFun.info - fun and games with Google!
"Look at the stars; look how they shine for you"

Re: On Easyspace (domain registrar)

I have successfully switched to GoDaddy.  I did not use easyspace's web
menu to transfer the domain away, but simply insisted that they let my
domain (sustik.com) be unclocked.


Re: On Easyspace (domain registrar)

Well done you!

Of course Easyspace gave you the ability to do this yourself (unlock
domains that is) about a year ago.

They have built in to their CP the ability for the user to transfer his
own domain to whichever  Registrar/ISP you wish bypassing any fee. This
probably excludes .uk domains and any other non ICANN domains

The transfer fee is probably there quite simply to stop lazy people
bothering them or for non-technical people who can't manage the
transfer process themselves.

In simple terms with Easyspace and many similar  registrars as long as
you have the ability to unlock your ICANN domains or retrieve your
domains EPP codes there is no need to pay a fee.

Personally, I've moved half a dozen (simply for operational reasons not
for bad service reasons) through ntheir control panel with no problems
and without paying any fees.

It's not rocket science... Its an ICANN requirement that they let you
unlock your domain for transfer at any time. No Registrar will disobey


Re: On Easyspace (domain registrar)

You must have missed when I wrote above:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

So the easyspace web page told me that the domain is unlocked, at the
same time my transfer attempts came back GoDaddy telling me that the
domain is locked.  Could be a glitch in either registrar's software; I
am inclined to think it was in Easyspace's.
The fourth transfer attempt was successful after I specifically
complained to easyspace support about their web page interface not


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