On dictators

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Often ignoring culture and only seeing his own bold
visions is the main crime of dictators, and wiping
out people's cultures as a whole as a result. Such
acts are called crimes against humanity. Romanian
dictator Ceaucescu decided to industrialize the
Romanian landscape. He modeled his visions after
the American (US) landscape.

He decided to wipe out  villages, and move people
to cities, building large farming landscapes. People
immediately rised from Ceaucescu's bold ideas: how
can anyone allow digging down thousand year old villages
and cultures! "Days" later, Ceaucescu fell from power.

Google failed to recognize that usenet is a "global
cultural entity". Privatizing it and publicitizing it
as a whole is crimes against humanity.

Their latest endeavor, scanning all books from
libraries is a similarly sad corruption, though there
they are closer to simply "Napstering books from
libraries", than to the "I have been writing letters
to Authors Guild about the details". Clear?

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