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How do I generate the img code and html code for an image off of any
I can do it from photobucket but I thought I could do it from any site
with the code.

Re: Ok question

Incon wrote:

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If you mean from someone else's site, then the answer is that you'd
better first ask for permission.

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Re: Ok question

Andy Mabbett wrote

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That would be the mystery mammoth site.

Charles Sweeney

Re: Ok question

On Wed, 12 Jul 2006 23:25:30 +0100, Andy Mabbett

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It certainly makes sense to check the source of the link before
deciding what to do.  If it looks like something by a kid who doesn't
know better, contact them and let them know it's not acceptable.  If
they continue to do it, take one of the milder measures offered.

OTOH, if it's someone using huge amounts of bandwidth and making money
off it, all bets are off ;-P

MGW (Note: my Hotmail address is seldom checked)
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when you take into account Hofstadter's Law. - Douglas Hofstadter

Re: Ok question

Andy Mabbett wrote:

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Ah, I see. The confusion thus stems from your poor English. If you really
meant to use 'offence' with that meaning it should have been 'supposed
"offence" *by* the person "stealing" the image'. What you actually said was
that offence was being given *to* the thief, which changes the meaning
completely. That's assuming you aren't simply now trying to re-interpret
your original post in an attempt to cover your own poor reasoning. And the
reasoning is very poor because there is no "supposed" offence. Copyright
law is very clear on this matter.
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That's the risk that criminals take. People are responsible for their own
actions. Can't do the time? Don't do the crime.

Now, a teenager getting stoned to death by outraged parents might seem
disproportionate punishment for copyright infringement, which is certainly
true. (I assume this is the kind of thing you had in mind? You hint at dark
consequences but have failed to specify what you had in mind. Whatever the
punishment you imagined, to assume that it would be something extreme of
this nature is somewhat specious and grotesquely exaggerated, to the point
of silliness, but no matter...).

You're somewhat ludicrously putting the blame for punishment that on the
person trying to protect his/her copyright rather than the people who are
actually responsible - the callous or ignorant teenager who committed the
theft in the first place and the parents who are incapable of responding
proportionately and reasonably.

If I protect my house with an electric fence that kills a would-be burglar,
then I would bear some (not all, perhaps not even most) of the
responsibility for that death. But if I protect it with an alarm that
alerts the police, who come and shoot the burglar, or stick him in a gas
chamber, then that death has resulted from the actions of the burglar (who
assumed the risks associated with criminal activity) and the police (for


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