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Re: Observation: Copying text from browser

On Fri, 21 Oct 2005, Toby Inkster wrote:

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Youngster!  Remember PKARC.EXE (or was it PKARC.COM ?) and the lawsuit
by SEA for PKARC allegedly violating SEA's copyright?  BBS's and computer
clubs were so incensed at the outcome of the lawsuit that as soon as PKZIP
came out, almost all of them switched to using it and SEA won the battle
and lost the war.  (OK, the fact that PKZIP also compressed better was
another incentive for the switch, but the lawsuit was one reason for the
rapidity of the changeover.)

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720KB floppies?  1MB games?  Remember 160KB floppies and machines with
only 640MB of memory (if the user paid extra for a full compliment of
memory -- some systems had 256KB or even less).

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Re: Observation: Copying text from browser

Norman L. DeForest wrote:

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I'm pretty sure my first computer had less than 640 kB of memory. It did
have a hard drive though, which was quite state-of-the-art at the time it
was made. (It ran DOS 3.1. DOS 2.0 was the first version to support hard

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Re: Observation: Copying text from browser

Charles Sweeney (me@charlessweeney.com) wrote:
: I made a text file (.txt) in Notepad.

: I made a carriage return (just one) at the end of the last line.

: Viewing it in browsers I discovered that when selecting everything (Ctrl
: A) in Opera the carriage return was not selected.  In Firefox it was
: selected correctly, and in IE it selected two carriage returns!  (Don't
: know where the second one came from.)

: The file was on my Linux web machine, uploaded in ASCII.

: I was using the latest versions of the browsers.

: It's a file I currently offer for download as a .zip file, but was
: thinking about offering as a (.txt) text file for people to copy.  It
: needs to have the carriage return at the end (it's for Autocad).  I
: suppose I could ask people to make the return themselves, but you know
: how it is.

You could try displaying the text in a <textarea>  of a do-nothing form.

Copying that text might be more consistent.


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Re: Observation: Copying text from browser

Malcolm Dew-Jones wrote

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Interesting.  Noted.

Charles Sweeney

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