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Has  anyone used this 'free' web authoring sysem?
What has your experience been?
I want to build a commercial web site to introduce a new product our
start-up company has developed.
I am moderately computer literate.....I have a host and I've purchased the
domain name.....I understand that HTML is placement code.  But that is where
my expertise ends....
Any information or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Nvu Web Authoring System

On Sun, 11 Mar 2007 20:27:01 +0000, Sue wrote:
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(X)HTML is more like classifying content as lists,
headers, tables, definition lists, paragraphs, and such.  The placement
or arrangement of these items on the page is now best done by CSS.  You
are likely using an old source of information. Try to learn a bit of (X)HTML
before becoming dependent on a WYSIWYG editor. If you don't know enough to
evaluate such an editor, you probably shouldn't use it.

Re: Nvu Web Authoring System

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I use it and like it.
See usenet comments at http://tinyurl.com/2n29mu


Re: Nvu Web Authoring System

Sue wrote:
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Yes, I use it all the time and like it a lot. But learne HTML and CSS
first, even if it's just some simple CSS, as some of it can be very
complex. Oh and keep things simple.
I would also not recommend useing XHTML, I use it cause I like the
Mark-up but you need to know how it's different from HTML to use it
correctly and it is not always needed anyway.
Oh and HTML is a Mark-up language, NOT a placement language, you use
CSS for presenting the information.
Regards Chad. http://freewebdesign.cjb.cc

Re: Nvu Web Authoring System

On 3/11/2007, Sue wrote:
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Look at
http://kompozer.net /

Nvu's unofficial bug-fix release

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