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Have you already got problem of content or image that do not appear ?

We have a terrible problem on all WS hosted on a same server :
1. Some images does show up on web pages (15 % of time).

2. Content does not appear (15% of time)

3. Placing
under a browser Home Page, and launching processes of this browser, we
see the problem of images or content that does not show up !!

tested from diferent computers and ISP.
Server is UNIX/FEDORA/LINUX/PHP. Hosting problem ? Server.conf problem

Many thanks for your help. We have this heavy problem and cannot see
why ?


Re: No content on web-pages

Fleeing from the madness of the jungle
and said:

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Check your server/scripts are not messing with cache settings.

William Tasso

Re: No content on web-pages wrote:
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You also posted this message at a.o.linux wtih only that newsgroup on
the header, as alt.www.webmaster is the only group on the header here.
Please crosspost instead of multipost, including all newsgroups on the
common header, to avoid people like me having to re-answer.  Please
google for this if you don't understand.

Re: No content on web-pages

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Looking at the "ping" timings (by which I mean the time the host takes to
respond to a HEAD request not standard "ping"), the server is overloaded.
When I first did a check, I was getting an average response time of
4.2seconds. Whilst this did fluctuate a bit, with some respectable responses
down to 246ms, the timings imply to me that the server is overloaded. This
is either because its got too much running on it which is why response times
are bad or its suffering from network contention (just not enough bandwidth
for a busy server).

Take it up with your host.
Brian Cryer

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