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On 2 Aug 2005 wrote:

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You post (an ad) to a discussion newsgroup for webmasters (when there is
an alternate newsgroup just for such ads), call your site a "MAJOR SEARCH
ENGINE" and you expect the webmasters to ignore the errors on your
website?  Sheesh!

I'm an amateur and with just a few minutes of testing I found three
*technical* problems with your site (your spamming and misspelling are
not technical problems):

1. Your links to starware appear to be broken.  One example: =

:                                  Bad Request
:   Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand.
:   The request line contained invalid characters following the protocol
:   string.
:     _________________________________________________________________
:    Apache/1.3.27 Server at Port 80

2. A lot of your links are in violation of RFC 1866.  Some examples
   (with "zz" added to the end of each hostname to make the URLs

<a href="http://www.sirseek.comzz/new/?search=hani+light+bulb&type=dir "
href="( product link shortened)"
href="http://search.revenuepilot.comzz/servlet/search?mode=search&id=14482&sid=0&filter=off&keyword=hani "
href="http://scripts.cgispy.comzz/metasearch.cgi?user=sirseek&query=hani+light+bulb "
href="http://search.curryguide.comzz/execute/search/nph-web.cgi?ac=homeless&query=hani+light+bulb "
target="_blank">Mega Meta Search</a>,

href="http://www.jayde.comzz/cgi-bin/search_cust.cgi?custom=04022204793&query=hani "
target="_blank">Jayde</a> Search Engine,

href=" "
href="http://search.hotplugins.comzz/cgi-bin/search.cgi?iid=36247&query=hani+light+bulb "
target="_blank">Hot Plugin</a>,

The ampersands in your URLs should be encoded as "&amp;" and not just
as "&".  (Yes, Yahoo! and Google make the same mistake (as do the people
at Microsoft[1]).)

:                     Hypertext Markup Language - 2.0
: 8.2.1. The form-urlencoded Media Type
:             NOTE - The URI from a query form submission can be
:             used in a normal anchor style hyperlink.
:             Unfortunately, the use of the `&' character to
:             separate form fields interacts with its use in SGML
:             attribute values as an entity reference delimiter.
:             For example, the URI `http://host/?x=1&y=2' must be
:             written `<a href="http://host/?x=1&#38;y=2"' or `<a
:             href="http://host/?x=1&amp;y=2">'.
:             HTTP server implementors, and in particular, CGI
:             implementors are encouraged to support the use of
:             `;' in place of `&' to save users the trouble of
:             escaping `&' characters this way.

3. Your site appears to be converting URLs to all lower-case.  While that
   may work for files on Windows servers, it won't properly direct users
   to any files with upper-case letters in the names on Unix or Linux

:    NA
:    [16]
:    404 Not Found
:    NA
:    [17]
:    File Not Found - Chebucto Community Net
:    NA
:    [18]
:   16.
:   17.
:   18.

The correct URL for my Tips page is:
with an UPPER-CASE 'T' (and has *always* had an upper-case 'T').

Such errors will definitely cause problems for your visitors (unless
they are deliberately looking for 404 pages).

I also see, from looking at the page source, that a bunch of your site's
content on results pages is generated by JavaScript.  Not everyone has
JavaScript enabled or even available (unless there's a setting in Lynx
that I'm missing).  I can't be bothered to analyze the JavaScript to find
out what I'm missing.  I hope it's nothing important.

[1] Except that I think standards-violation is deliberate with Microsoft
    and not a mistake -- violate HTML standards, make sure *our* browser
    works when the standards are violated that way and then point to the
    other browsers and say "See, they don't work." (Their use of "&#128;"
    to "&#159;" or "&#0128;" to "&#0159;" is another example).)
Windows is *not* a "Toy OS".  A screenshot of my current desktop:
< a desktop
like that? (change ".zip" to ".gif" or "-files.gif" to see zip contents):


Spam is illegal and you say I am a spammer? Spammers do not go back to
see what people are commenting on. I tell the world about various sites
in related postings and go back to see the
comments/suggestions/replies. This is how I expose my sites and find
out what other people think needs fixing or maybe they will let me know
of a new feature they would like to see added to make it a better web

Definition of spam basically means postings that clog up the normal
flow of a forum (meaning multiple and unrelated postings). How can this
one posting to this webmaster group mess things up?

I am proud of my sites and no one can stop me from talking about my
pride and glory! I am disabled and unable to work a normal job, I sit
at home and create websites, some are humanitarian (like that helps low-income people) sites others are
for sponsor ad commissions).

Re: NEWEST MAJOR SEARCH ENGINE wrote in news:1122807433.528723.49800

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It all sounds good but..
how can you have a newest MAJOR search engine? If you are new, then arent
you just wanting to be a major search engine?

And just what I need is yet more spiders hitting my sites

Gandalf  Parker

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