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Hi, all

I have just started using FTP to load web pages to a friend's website,
using the latest version of Filezilla. No problem there.

Except that every two minutes or so, Filezilla would disconnect, and
I'd have to reconnect.  Did'n't bother me as everythign I uploaded
only took seconds.

My friend is now trying to FTP large MPEG files. They upload...the
smaller one (2 minutes long) runs for about 30 seconds before
quitting, the larger one won't run at all. And on his computer too
(he's in England, I'm in the States) the Filezilla disconnects after
about 2 minutes. So I'm assuming it disconnects while uploading and is
thus corrupting the file.

Is there a way to prevent Filezilla from disconnecting every 2
minutes, and if so can you explain step by step how?  I've looked at
the Settings tab... will changing it to Active mode from Passive mode

We're both on PCs...we've both got broadband... I can't experiment
from here since I don't have any large MPEGs to upload, but I can pass
the info along to him, if anyone has a solution.

Thanks for any help!

Re: Newbie question - FileZilla

TimeTraveller wrote:
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It's probably the server doing the disconnect, not filezilla.

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Re: Newbie question - FileZilla

TimeTraveller wrote:
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I don't know about FileZilla in particular, but if you are in passive
mode you could try changing to active, or vice-versa.

I've also heard of issues with the Windows firewall, if that is what
you are using.  You might try turning it off.

Re: Newbie question - FileZilla

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I use FileZilla and love it, except that there is no keep-alive setting for
servers (like *my* FTP server) that time people out.

At least, not that I know of. If anyone knows differently, let me know!

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Re: Newbie question - FileZilla

On Tue, 20 Nov 2007 05:36:31 +0000 (UTC), Steve Sobol put finger to
keyboard and typed:

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FileZilla solves the timeout problem differently, by storing the
connection details and automatically reconnecting the next time you
ask it to do something. So it doesn't matter how long you've left it
between actions as it will always reconnect to the most recent
connection before attempting to carry them out - unlike most other ftp
clients, where you need to explicitly tell it to reconnect if it's
timed out.

For most ftp servers, which have a timeout setting but connect fairly
quickly, that's actually better than attempting a keep-alive which may
or may not work (and many servers these days ignore "NOOP" and other
non-transfer commands when calculating the timeout time, precisely in
order to beat clients that attempt to maintain a persistant connection
even when not actually transferring anything). It only becomes a
problem if the server is very slow to accept new connections (or
reconnections), because that makes FileZilla appear unresponsive
compared to other clients.

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Re: Newbie question - FileZilla

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We use FileZilla on all of our commercial servers and love it. Nice
and easy to manage, very reliable. As others have mentioned, it's more
likely to be a server configuration issue. Check that both port 20 and
21 are open; FTP uses port 21, but I think port 20 is used for control
stuff, and in some configs if it's blocked FTP behaves very strangely.
At least under Windows Server 2003... but I suppose everything behaves
strangely under Windows :)

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