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It is my great pleasure to announce the launching of a new website
( /). Its main features:

- After free registration, everyone can place ads for several months (one year
- These ads are designed to seek contacts in the whole world for very varied
items, ranging from a missing stamp in your collection, a counsel, a job, a
vehicle spare part, a rare film, or everything else you can imagine.
- On the other side, persons wishing to offer services or items will contact
those who have placed an ad, and they will make a proposition (free or against
- The transaction itself is never managed by the site, which serves only to
enable contact between people
- Every e-mail address remains hidden, thereby protecting user's privacy

Most websites are only devoted to selling items, not asking for any, and usually
nationwide only. However, this site is based on the concept of *reversed ads*.
Thanks to, anyone who needs something special has now the
opportunity to notify his need worldwide.

If you think that the idea is worthwhile, please sign up and put as many ads as
you can to feed the various categories. You will certainly imagine a lot of
things that you have always been searching for, because there is no limit to the
diversity of human needs.

Owing to your participation, an increasing number of ads will stay on the site,
making it more and more efficient. Spread the word !

Thanks very much for your support.

Best regards

Pierre Benedict

Re: New website:


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Oh, is this   This is not the place for

However, if you want a review I'll give you one:

Your site looks decent but it doesn't validate and you have no content.

Go here /
to find out why your site doesn't validate.

You say, "Most websites are only devoted to selling items..."
That's because a site consisting of nothing but "want" ads for general
merchandise won't ever see much traffic and won't pay off.

Don't advertise your site till you have some decent content and if
you're going to advertise in USENET newsgroups learn how to do it in
accepted ways that won't get you reported for spamming. Some newsgroups
don't care about advertising and some do. It's your responsibility to
find out ahead of time where and how you can advertise, and where you


Re: New website:

Red E. Kilowatt wrote:
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Well, at least you gave him a critique as well as the rebuke. And the
rebuke was mild too! </Grudging respect>

Re: New website:


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I try to let them down easy.  :-)


Re: New website:

Red E. Kilowatt acrit :
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Thanks for your review. The validator was very helpful to remove major er=
rors. For the content, I am conscious that without content the website is=
 not attractive enough. But the difficulty is to obtain significant conte=
nt from the beginning. In your opinion, the website should also provide o=
ffers to be more attractive?



Re: New website:


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That's worth a shot (offers) but I really don't think that the concept
(want ads only) you've chosen has much chance of success.


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