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I am new to web design (for my company) and am learniong a little HTML
etc.  Can someone tell me if this is a good google group to be able to
ask questions about the functions and features commonly found on web
pages such as site searches, java script, etc. and get good answers.
If not can anyone recommend another good place to be able to interact
with others in order to learn more about this stuff and become better
at it?

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Jay Dawg wrote:
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First, this is not a Google group. It is a newsgroup. Google displays
the content of this newsgroup as though it were a Google group.

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Probably. It depends on the question. There are other newsgroups that
deal with specific subjects related to web development such as HTML,
JavaScript, CSS, CGI, server configuration, etc.

In general, if you ask here, you are likely to get an answer. If not,
someone will probably point you to a better place to ask.

Re: New to This

On 16 Feb 2007 17:02:32 -0800, Jay Dawg wrote:

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344,000,000 of em to be exact
i'd start near the top and find your best fit

check here a few a day. it's easy and some fun, some info

here there seems to be pointers in the myst of a ton of bullshit, flames,
wars, ho's and assholes. i'm in alot of those categories myself as i'm sure
you'll soon discover ifin you do sumthin stuuu pid.

there's a sprinking of decent folk too. the brits are decently eloquent
even when they're rippin someone a new one. that's a fun read

there's a boatload of scripters who can help with damn near any damn thing
you need to do, in most any environment. becareful. these oids will have
you thinking there's only notepad, w3c, css, photoshop and some strange
drinking habits.

decadence, design, fukkeds and futurists and few who think they're batman
or maybe the joker.

you're not in kansas any more, dorothy


just kiddin

welcome probie
just took a dump in this place myself

vista? i ain't seein it

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