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Hi all,

My name is William Grant, i run a few different online businesses that
vary in success rates, i must say when i first started out i did not
make much money at all, that is until i came across a few sites that
sold digital products, i.e eBooks, audio books, software and turnkey

What is so good about digital items, well first off you do not need
any phyisical products and all items you can either purchase online
and recieve the very same day (thats if your dealing with a decent
online trader), and all items are sent via email, no this does not
mean that you have to sit and attach files to every email you send
out, i use digiserve which handles that for me.

But the best item to sell is an eBook that you have written yourself,
on any subject that you like, the more original the more likely it is
to sell.

Any way back to the point of this email, if you are interested in
starting a small online business then i might be able to help you out,
for 5 minutes of your time i could help you on your way to starting a
home run automated business, that will make you money whilst you sit
there and twiddle your thumbs!!

Visit and read through the whole
site thier is an option in the order page to get access for just1.25
just take 5 and have a good read of what is for offer.

William Grant

Re: New Digital service

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i'm sure.

ebooks on bs?
did you just discover the internet or what?

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don't be stupid

Re: New Digital service

I just reported your domain to for invalid WHOIS
info since your email address bounces with

Re: New Digital service

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SnakePiss, you should realize that under the Charter for this
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