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New charter item 1
Spammers are welcome in this newsgroup

New Charter intem 2
Red E Killacunt is a fucking waste of space ignore him

Re: New Charter - SPAMMERS WELCOME wrote:

To the regulars: I'm sorry for responding to the troll, but I just have
to vent out the steam.

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No, they're not. Spam is welcome in a subgroup, though; That's what it's there for.

I imagine most regulars of this newsgroup report spam on sight; AFAICT,
Viper is usually the only one announcing the fact that he's reported a
spam to the proper authorities.

Besides, roughly 99.99% of ISPs around the world consider spam as a
breach in their terms of service, and will be subject to account
termniation. I imagine you were subject to this, since you barge in
here, claiming to be a new world leader of sorts. The ISPs who ignore
abuse reports are basically spammer/cracker/criminal/mafia safe havens,
and is likely to be blocked from many servers out there (e-mail, web,
any contact whatsoever, etc).

Also, claiming "ownership" of a Usenet newsgroup - which has been
around for at least a decade - via Google Groups doesn't exactly scream
"confidence" in your case.

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Red has way more credibility, IMO. Even Viper and his secret "admirer"
nullified have more credibility than you, though. That speaks a lot of
where you are on the "food chain of Usenet".

Kim André Akerĝ
(remove NOSPAM to contact me directly)


Kim André Akerĝ wrote:

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Right at the bottom, just between the cheeks ;)

Dylan Parry |

Programming, n: A pastime similar to banging one's head
against a wall, but with fewer opportunities for reward.


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I so wish that was true. Yes, they state so in their (copy pasted) ToS,
but do nothing about it.


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