NetworkSolutions' Account Manager: "... must move your DNS hosting..."

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I just went into NetworkSolutions' "Account Manager" page to change the location
of my personal home page to another ISP.

Was confronted with:
In order to use the Network Solutions Advanced DNS Manager, Network Solutions
must first move your DNS hosting to Network Solutions DNS servers.
Please Note: By clicking Continue below, the existing name servers will no
longer be authoritative for your domain(s). As a result, any products and
services associated with this domain name, such as Web sites and e-mail from
other providers, will experience an interruption of service until the advanced
DNS settings take effect.

Existing Name Servers         New Name Servers                     (## will be assigned upon clicking

Name Server changes may take up to 24 - 36 hours to update throughout the
Internet. After this point, any changes made using the DNS Manager - Advanced
Tools, will take effect within 2 hours.

Click Continue to move your DNS hosting to Network Solutions (i.e. and

I don't know what the implications of proceeding are.

I thought my DNS hosting was already being handled by NetworkSolutions - at
least that's where I signed up in the first place umpteen years ago.

Is this some kind of setup to get more money out of me or is it legit/no cost?

Re: NetworkSolutions' Account Manager: "... must move your DNS hosting..."

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No, they are providing registrar services for you apparently.  Your
authoritative DNS records for your domain are hosted at your ISP
presently it appears.  The registrar just points the DNS root servers
to your ISP so folks cna find ya.

Sounds like netsol wants to host your dns records directly to use
advanced dns features.  

It may be a plot to get more money out of you.  I don't host with
those bastards anymore, so I can't tell, but you are wise to be

Todd H. /

Re: NetworkSolutions' Account Manager: "... must move your DNS hosting..."

Per (PeteCresswell):
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I may be on the road to answering my own question.

Just got this from NetworkSolutions:
Dear Network Solutions(R) Customer,

We received your request and have made the DNS change for the account
information listed below.

Order Number: 255313026

User ID: 28217242
Changes requested by: Pete Cresswell


Previous DNS Name Servers:

New DNS Name Servers:

I now recall that I went into their screen twice.   First time
the server names were completely blank - so I stupidly typed in
the name of my mail ISP's servers.

Sounds to me like I created the situation myself.

Re: NetworkSolutions' Account Manager: "... must move your DNS hosting..."

And lo, (PeteCresswell) didst speak in alt.www.webmaster:

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You are in the wrong area.  Obviously, from the above message, you aren't  
using NetSol nameservers, just their domain hosting service.  If you want  
to point your domain to another location, you will need to either:

a) Log in to the system which handles the nameservers you *are* using, or  
contact the admin in charge of them.  Tell them to point the domain's DNS  
at the new site.

Or if the old nameservers are owned by the ISP you are leaving, you'll  
probably want to

b) Change your existing nameservers to the nameservers used by your new  
ISP.  In this case, you don't have to do any DNS modification at all, as  
your new ISP should have set that up for you, but contact your ISP to make  
sure!  You will need to log into NetSol and simply change your nameservers  
to do this, there is no need for any "Advanced DNS Manager".

This is not a ploy to extract more money out of you.  You are just  
accessing a part of the NetSol interface which you don't need to use.


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