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Good morning,

I just finished writing a Survey web site.  I know everyone has one but I
also wanted one.  I would like your opinion on the layout of the site.  All
criticism is welcome.


Things that I implemented:
  Multi-language support.  Not sure if my translations are accurate, though.
  Multiple surveys.
  Multiple questions per survey.
  Different types of questions on each survey (combo or check boxes), though
I don't show this yet.
  Ability to comment on the survey.
  Automatic Question/Result selection.  I.E.  If you haven't voted, you are
redirected to the questions, otherwise you are automatically sent to the

Things that will be implemented soon:
  More languages
  Translate copyright, privacy, terms, and contact pages.
  Contact page doesn't work quite yet due to a configuration problem, sorry
  Survey ownership.  I.E.  different groups of people can take their own
survey, say for a company or something.
  Might change the name. was already taken.

Thanks for your help.

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