Need suggestions for family site

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It tougher than I thought. I first tried Drupal, then WordPress,
neither solutions are really working. I tried creating a yahoo group,
that went reasonably well, for a little while, but there were some

This is what I need:

1) Simple to use. This is of paramount importance. People in my family
will use this site infrenquently (if at all). It must be easy to use.
Drupal seems to be too difficult. WordPress is better, but I can't
seem to find a gallery that is easy enough to use.

2) Some security. Oddly enough, spammers will attack these sites. I
don't need super high security, but I do need some.

3) Speed. Clearly I'm not going to spend some huge amount for hosting.
I have found that, on cheap hosting, the MySQL seriously slows down
the site. Of course, this is a problem with both Drupal and WordPress.
Maybe a flatfile solution would work better?

4) Gallery. This is very important, and is a big problem with the
solutions that I have found so far. I would like a gallery where
photos could be uploaded, albums could be created, photos could be
renamed, right from the gallery; rather than having to do something
like: go into admin panel, create a node, go the file manager . . .

I don't mind doing some coding myself, but I don't need another huge,
unpaid, project. Maybe I should just go with a hand coded xhmtl site,
and have my family email everything to me, then I post it or whatever.

Any thoughts appreciated.

Re: Need suggestions for family site

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Try Gallery: /

Here's a demo where you can login and see the interface:

A bit more complex is Coppermine: /

Re: Need suggestions for family site

walterbyrd wrote:

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No. Use HTML 4.01 Strict, if you decide to write your own.

Use this DOCTYPE:

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01//EN"
   " ">

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Re: Need suggestions for family site

On Sun, 11 Nov 2007 07:07:17 -0800, walterbyrd wrote:

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