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need a review of my site

Re: need review

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Increase your font size a notch or two. Admire how your search button
disappears. You obviously never thought that a view can change her font size

Tried viewing this page with IE6? No, I didn't think so :-)

Why is it fixed width? You are wasting my canvas.

Why do I need to download a flash clock when I have clocks all around me?

Your contact us form is totally broken, most of the input elements are

Why do you have 14 XHTML errors? Why are you using transitional? Why are you
using XHTML?


Re: need review

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Yeah, but do you like it? <bg>


The Probert Encyclopaedia

Re: need review wrote:
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What's the purpose of your site?  All I see is a bunch of unrelated
content - and very little of that.

First thing you need to do if you want to be taken seriously is to have
your own domain name, not a subdomain from someone else.  They aren't
that expensive.

Then develop a site of good, current, *related* information, not bits
and pieces you found on other sites.  Keep it updated and relevant.
Something you know a lot about would be best.

This will help draw traffic to your site.  But don't expect to make any
money off of your advertising.  If you're lucky, you might make enough
to pay for hosting.

If you want to make money, you need a real product to sell.  The right
product at the right price and you will not only get people to your
site, you'll get customers buying your product, also.

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Jerry Stuckle
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Re: need review,

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Nothing to write home about design-wise and no focus.


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